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Intention sage and crystal sets.

Custom tailored to your specific needs upon request. We put together intention crystal and smudging sets to help you manifest what ever it may be that you desire.



In Store Oracle

As we embark on our remarkable journey into the great unknown and era of great change. We propel ourselves in what we feel to be the best option in that moment in time. The place were all  singular focus is intended, as destiny. We are relearning to act from the heart and retrieve the ancient knowledge that resides within. 
We feel this knowledge is so very valuable and is how we were intended to be.
True enlightenment is a gradual process and when placed on the right path one can have and retain some of life's most valuable assets, self knowledge. Living with complete self acceptance, from the heart. Living with such purpose and knowing that you are sure to weather any storm.
Join use as we embark an this sacred journey of discovering your life's purpose.